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Speech & Drama

Beyond just an art form, a drama is an effective tool to instil discipline, develop confidence, enhance interaction and teach social skills. Through a role-play of various situations, children begin to learn and practice strategies for different situations and obtain a perspective of others. Our fun and interactive 60 minutes sessions are based on a theme or story.

Our classes will be divided into 3 levels.
Level 1
Conversational and Cooperative Play Skills
Level 2
Friendship Skills
Level 3
Conflict Management Skills

Each session unfolds in the following manner


Movement Time

Speech Time- Story

Time Stage

Time Acting

Time Sharing Time

Parents are invited into the classroom and children will be encouraged to share their experiences.

Leo Lionni’s story, “Swimmy” is one of the stories in our interactive sessions, the children will transform into fishes and experience the joys of the underwater world. Through games, creative movement and drama exploration, the children will role-play the various characters and examine the themes and characters embedded within the story. At the same time, the focused skill of working and playing together will be woven into every element of the lesson. Through our lessons, we aim to use drama as a tool to develop a child’s confidence in relating to others and presenting their ideas. Drama will also be a platform for them to express their thoughts and feelings and to practice specific social skills that will support their daily interaction with others.

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