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Like our individual therapy, our Early Learning Play Group, also based on the Principles of ABA, focuses on helping the child regulate his or her behaviour and develop independent skills in a group setting.


Using a play-based structure that encourages the little tots to learn through exploring their surroundings. They will learn through:


  • sensory play (i.e. water play, sand play, textiles, lights etc.)

  • pretend play / dramatic/imaginary play 

  • constructive play (building, creating, painting, artwork etc.)

  • thematic play (activities based on themes)


Our Play Group will focus on early "learning to learn" skills which include:

  • joint attention

  • staying in a group

  • following instructions

  • appropriate play skills

For 18 months old to 30 months old


Twice a week,

Tuesdays and Thursdays


Thrice  a week,  

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday


9 am to  10.30 am

Playgroup banner.JPG

We are starting a new playgroup for parents to be involved!

Every Friday
10am to 11.30am
Starting 17 September 2021
The Colourful Mind Playgroup is a parent-accompanied programme designed with both the parent and child in mind. Our group size is small and structured so that children can practice and learn new skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Parents can also learn strategies to help them engage their child in a more effective manner.

Through learning areas such as Circle and Story time, Craft and Play, your child will be engaged with fun, interactive and sensorial activities.

There will be countless opportunities to work on:
  • Functional communication skills
  • ​Play skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Interaction with peers

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our programmes and classes please 

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