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We specialise in one-on-one Behaviour Therapy based on the principles of ABA, focusing on helping the child regulate his or her behaviour and develop independent skills.


We utilize not only Discrete Trial Training (DTT) but also other teaching methods like pivotal response training, systematic prompting/fading, teaching interactions, incidental language teaching and the natural language paradigm, to increase spontaneity and generalization of skills taught. Individualised Educational Plans (IEP) will be created for each child. Targeted skills will be broken down into simpler steps to assist the child in the mastery of the skill. 

Our therapy sessions are typically 2 hours
Mondays to Fridays 

9 am to 11 am
1 pm to 3 pm
3:30pm to 5:30pm

Saturday Mornings
limited availabilty (contact us to check)

During our Therapy Sessions, below are some of the areas we touch on.


community training

social skills

communication skills






We provide shadow services in mainstream schools. After observing the child in school, our therapist will develop an individualised plan to work on the skills lacking.

The number of hours and days to shadow will be advised by our Case Managers. The child is required to have at least 2 sessions of individual therapy a week to work on the target skills.


For school observation, our case managers provide direct observation in the child's school and will collaborate with the teachers on tasks , develop techniques to communicate, assist with program modification and provide resources for school staff.

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