Like our individual therapy, our Early Intervention School Programmes also based on the principles of ABA, focuses on helping the child regulate his or her behaviour and develop independent skills in a group setting. Individualised Education Plan (IEP) will be created for each child. 
Targeted skills will be broken down into simpler steps to assist the child in the mastery of the skill while learning in a group setting. We provide different group settings for different target skills.
A play-based structure that encourages the little tots to learn through exploring their surroundings
Focusing on early "learning to learn" skills like joint attention (eye contact), staying in a group, basic compliance (following instructions) and appropriate play skills
Basic Literacy and Numeracy Skills are introduced
1.5-hour sessions,
twice or thrice a week
9am to 10.30am
Teacher-student ratio: 1 : 2-3
Max. number of children per class: 6
Simulating a preschool setting where "learning to learn" skills are taught.
Basic skills required in a group setting are taught and group routines are established
Literacy and Numeracy Skills are broken down into simpler steps for each child to learn at his or her own pace.
3-hour sessions daily,
Mondays to Fridays
Available 2 to 5 times a week
9am to 12pm
Teacher-student ratio: 1 : 2-3
Max. number of children per class: 8
A Group class to simulate a classroom setting in a regular school
In preparation for the child to enter a mainstream school
Academics and school routines are introduced and taught
3-hour sessions daily,
Mondays to Fridays
1.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Teacher-student ratio: 1 : 3
Max. number of children per class: 8
We provide shadow services for students in mainstream preschools and primary schools.
Helping them to adjust to the new environment and working towards
getting them independent.
We will work closely with the teachers and Allied Educators in the schools
to help students adapt to the new school environment 
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The company was started by a group of behaviour case supervisors and senior therapists trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) who have been in the field for many years working with children affected by autism spectrum disorder. Together with Dr Penny Tok Psychology Practice we provide support for educational, behavioural and emotional needs of children in Singapore.




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