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"We are very happy at our children's progress and so incredibly thankful for The Colourful Mind ABA Team. They are extremely professional, dedicated and passionate about helping children and their families - and are amazing at it. Thanks to this wonderful team, they are truly great blessings and changed our lives in the most positive way."

- Chloe, mother of Jude, 14, and Hannah, 7

"My child has been with The Colourful Mind since he was 4 years old. The therapists have been most helpful not only in helping my child in this journey, but offers support to the parents as well. Along the way, different therapists lend their magical touch to my child and my child looks forward to school and therapy sessions. The therapists are flexible in adapting to my child’s needs and are open to trying out new ideas. My child is now in primary school and the team at The Colourful Mind continues to support my child in his learning and behavioural needs. Thank you The Colourful Mind!"

- Dawn, mother of Julian, 7

"My husband and I were surprise on the 1st day of lesson at The Colourful Mind that our son went into class with Teacher Jean smiling. The lovely team of dedicated and caring teachers were able to strike rapport with our son within the 1st week of school. They took great effort to engage him in different activities to enhance his learning, with their patience and encouragement our son learned to sit through and participate in table top activities. Teacher Iqah and Teacher Claire made learning fun and enjoyable and they frequently update us on his progress in class."

- Stacey, mother of Ian, 4

"Hayden was having trouble getting along with his classmates and Social Class at The Colourful Mind really helped him figure out the differences between his classmates and himself and enabled him to come up with effective coping strategies. Many of the analogies and concepts that Ms Chelsea, his Social Class Teacher, used made sense to Hayden and that really helped him to adapt to his environment, which he previously found unbearable. Thank you Ms Chelsea and The Colourful Mind."

- Adele, mother of Hayden, 13

"Jayen has been with The Colourful Mind since the school started in 2014. The school has been a tremendous source of support for us in this challenging journey and I can always count on them. Thank you to Jean, Tayen and all the teachers      ."

- Suling, mother of Jayen, 10

"My daughter has been attending sessions at The Colourful Mind for several years. She has worked with a few different therapists who have all been very patient and great at working with special needs kids and she has always enjoyed her sessions there. The staff are supportive and professional and we have seen positive changes in my daughter's social skills and fine motor development. The centre also runs group holiday programs and special activities which add some fun for the kids."

- Eunice, mother of Chloe, 18

"Good experience as I was able to try my best to learn the mainstream school curriculum with the help of the teachers at The Colourful Mind."

- Cadyn, 13

"I would like to thank Jean, Teachers and Therapists from The Colourful Mind for their patience and care towards my boy. When I was at my wits of finding a place where he can learn best, I met and spoke to Jean and Tangie and how they could help PL. I am also very grateful towards Lihan and Anna for teaching how to follow an adult and not run away in the most dangerous situation. This may be the most simple to most NT to follow an adult but it's not easy to a child with challenging needs at that time. Nevertheless I thank them for everything they did for my son."

- Charlene, mother of Pin Liang, 8

"Many thanks to all the therapists and staff at TCM for your dedication and teamwork helping my son will his developmental progress. He is now more independent and willing to try new things and growing both academically and socially! Thanks Jean and your team who are always so supportive and working together to push the envelope helping T in his developmental journey!"

- P, mother of T, 13

"My son always looked forward to his sessions at The Colourful Mind. The teachers conducted lessons that were fun and engaging, and at the same time were able to effectively impart lessons that he could apply outside of the class. Through the years, he has made significant behavioural improvements that were observable when he interacted with his friends. We are thankful for the positive impact that The Colourful Mind had made in our son's development."

- WL, mother of CW, 11

"J has been with The Colourful Mind for the past one and a half years. He looks forward to the sessions and enjoys the time spent at the centre. The therapists there are patient, caring and helpful. Thumbs up!👍"

- LK, mother of JS, 9

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